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Alphabet Soup

My oldest son recently began kindergarten, sparking what we hope will be a lifelong love of reading and writing. It is exciting to watch him master short, introductory “sight words” and move on to more challenging literary components, progressing past children’s books to chapter books. In what may end up being a similar progression, the […]

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The Usual Suspects

Most of us under the age of 50 have lived our adult lives without facing substantial inflation or high interest rates. Sure, we have heard horror stories from our parents or grandparents, but we have never witnessed them firsthand. Moreover, if you have spent your career with CNBC or Bloomberg running in the background, then […]

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An Eye on Sustainability

At Hamilton Point, we believe that financial markets play an important role in shaping the economic, social, and environmental landscape of tomorrow. We feel that a company’s willingness to evaluate, innovate, and streamline its operations in order to become more environmentally, socially, and culturally conscientious is a powerful indicator of its capacity to adapt and grow as a business, respond proactively to challenges, and succeed in a competitive atmosphere.

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