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The Rise of AI: A Blessing or A Curse?

As we near the midpoint of 2023, the pervasive influence of artificial intelligence (AI) becomes impossible to overlook. From self-driving cars to smart speakers, from facial recognition to natural language processing, AI is everywhere — and has been for a while now, even when we were not calling it AI. This is not just a […]

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Boiling Frogs

As a long-time author of investment commentaries, one of the cruelest twists of fate is to have a major market event occur that renders your hard work outdated. Such was the case when I recently finished a commentary entitled, “Boiling Frogs.” I wrote how the Fed’s policy of steadily hiking interest rates reminded me of […]

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An Eye on Sustainability

At Hamilton Point, we believe that financial markets play an important role in shaping the economic, social, and environmental landscape of tomorrow. We feel that a company’s willingness to evaluate, innovate, and streamline its operations in order to become more environmentally, socially, and culturally conscientious is a powerful indicator of its capacity to adapt and grow as a business, respond proactively to challenges, and succeed in a competitive atmosphere.

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