Our boutique model is powerful. Independent from Wall Street and big banks, our exclusive focus is the preservation and growth of investment capital; we do not sell financial “products” for commissions. Hamilton Point manages hundreds of millions in assets – instead of trillions – freeing us to employ a highly-selective approach vetted by in-house research. Our clients’ best interests come first – every time.

Empowered Investors

We believe in straight talk and common-sense investments. Too often, unnecessary jargon and complex financial products cloud investors’ understanding of what they own. Hamilton Point’s approach promotes transparency, alignment with investors’ values – like sustainability and social responsibility – and allows greater control of critical factors like expenses and taxes. Our clients have the right to know what they own and why.

An Enduring Approach

Hamilton Point’s senior investment professionals work with clients to build and protect wealth and provide comprehensive planning when needed. Our unwavering focus on quality throughout varied market cycles has been tested for over 20 years. We invest our personal funds in the same securities we recommend to clients. We call it “Eating our own cooking.”