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Facts & Fiction About U.S. Debt

September 2020

Just four short years ago, we thought that we had reached peak “election fears.” We dare say that the concern that many of you have expressed to us this year has surpassed our prior peak.  We certainly won’t be so bold (foolish) to pontificate on the pros/cons of each candidate.  We feel confident that 99% of you have already reached that conclusion on your own, and we’d prefer to keep it that way.

Given that it’s election season, we do think it’s appropriate for us to comment on an issue that has been largely neglected by both parties for years – U.S. deficits and the national debt.  In the attached presentation, Facts & Fiction About U.S. Debt we attempt to provide you with facts on the topic with as little opinion as possible.  We also try to address a handful of often-repeated truths…and not-so-much truths on the subject. Regardless of who wins in November, this issue is likely to be quite important to the financial markets and your portfolios in the coming decade.



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