We’re Hamilton Point.

Independent & independent minded

Experienced & trusted advice

Hamilton Point is an investment boutique providing customized advisory services for wealthy families, non-profits and endowments who deserve genuinely independent, experienced and trusted advice to preserve and grow their investment capital.

Our Approach

Hamilton Point’s comprehensive approach to wealth management is based on our core principles of independence, accountability and an unwavering focus on quality through market cycles.

Investment Philosophy

Hamilton Point manages portfolios on a fee-only basis for individuals and nonprofit organizations. We are a registered advisor with a fiduciary responsibility to act in our clients’ best interests at all times.

The HP Difference

We focus on managing investments and not on selling insurance, annuities or other financial “products.” Our principals manage their personal portfolios in the same manner as their clients’.

Who We Are

Andrew Burns

CEO & Chief Investment Officer

35+ years in corporate finance and investment management

Rick Woods CFA, CPWA®


15+ years in corporate finance and investment management

our personal funds are invested in the same securities we recommend to clients.

We call it “Eating our own cooking.”

Meet Our Team

Meet our Clients

We serve individuals who have sold businesses, inherited assets and saved money throughout successful careers. We also serve non-profits with endowments to invest.

We have clients in 17 states across the nation, with concentrations in North Carolina, Virginia and New York.

Typically our clients have the potential for investment assets to exceed $1 million over time, though smaller initial accounts are considered; larger relationships exceed $40 million.

We use separate accounts customized to each client’s needs, using in-house research as we seek to build high quality, endowment-like, diversified portfolios.

We listen carefully as we seek to understand the life circumstances for which each client must plan, and undertake comprehensive, scrupulously monitored management of wealth.

Thought Leadership

What Wall Street doesn’t tell investors is far more important than what they do say. For example...

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