Investment Philosophy

Hamilton Point manages portfolios on a fee-only basis for individuals and nonprofit organizations. We are an independent, registered investment advisor with a fiduciary responsibility to act in our clients’ best interests at all times.

Our primary objective is to preserve capital, for clients who trust us to identify opportunities to achieve growth in portfolio principal and income over the long term. We believe that our hybrid approach, combining individually-purchased securities with selective use of outside managers, is the best way to fulfill the investment objectives of our clients. The intended result is a high-quality, diversified investment portfolio where clients understand what they own and why.

Most clients engage us to invest their assets on a fully diversified, balanced basis while others prefer a focused portfolio of individually purchased stocks and/or bonds. Portfolios can be highly customized to accommodate low-cost basis securities or other unique considerations. We strive to maximize control over critical factors such as quality, diversification, expenses and, if needed, taxes.

The chart below represents a typical balanced portfolio which may not necessarily be appropriate for all investors and would be tailored to meet specific client preferences.