Families & Individuals

Hamilton Point uses in-house research to construct high quality endowment-like portfolios, consisting primarily of individually-purchased stocks and bonds. Our customized approach enables us to manage the timing of taxable transactions, accommodate custom holdings such as low cost-basis stocks and design portfolios to meet specific liquidity requirements in an efficient manner. This flexibility can be very important for planning purposes. In addition, we feel that our approach results in Hamilton Point clients having a very good understanding of what investments they own and the reasons why they own them.

As a complement to our investment services, we meet regularly with our clients and seek to understand the life circumstances and financial goals for which each client or family must plan, and to integrate this understanding specifically into how we manage a client’s investments. This understanding can be critical with regards to matching liquidity with expected expenses and optimizing tax considerations. As part of our investment services, and for no additional fee, we provide both financial planning advice and referrals to other professionals (e.g. CPAs, attorneys) to help clients make informed decisions at different stages in their lives.