Hamilton Point Releases 2012 Global Core Sustainability Report

In 2008, Hamilton Point released its first Sustainability Report to assess and document the environmental impacts of the companies recommended on our Global Core Buy List.   For 2012, the report has been updated and expanded in order to provide clients with an even clearer picture of the environmental impact of their investments.  At Hamilton Point, we believe that financial markets play an important role in shaping the economic, social, and environmental landscape of tomorrow, and  that as investment advisors we must thoroughly consider these effects when making responsible investment decisions.  It should be made clear that Hamilton Point is not specifically oriented towards environmentally conscious investing.  Our first and foremost priority is to serve the fiduciary needs of our clients; therefore, equity recommendations are made with the goal of maximizing returns while minimizing risk.  Nevertheless, we feel that a company’s willingness to evaluate, innovate, and streamline its operations in order to become more environmentally conscientious is a powerful indicator of its capacity to adapt and grow as a business, respond proactively to challenges, and succeed in a competitive atmosphere.  Click here to download the entire report.

Special thanks to our intern Ryan Procaccini for putting in some hard work this summer to make the report come together.